Tuesday, 23 July 2013

First Post - Past Quilts

I've been blogging for quite some time but this is my first post on crafting.

Below are a few of the quilting projects that I've completed over the years. There isn't that much detail on them as it's hard to remember all of the exact measurments and amount of fabric but I promise I'll have that detail in my future posts along with pictures of the projects as I make them.

First Quilt
I first learned to quilt by taking a class in the home of a friend of my mom's in January 2006. She had been teaching quilting for a few years and I decided I wanted to try it. I had taken a few sewing classes geared towards clothing in my teen years and liked it but wasn't a big fan of the creating clothes. I thought that quilts would be more to my liking. This quilt is the first ever quilt that I completed in this class. I fell in love with the purple batik and picked the other colours to go with it.

Back of First Quilt

 It took me 5 classes of an hour each to complete it.

 As you can see, I'm a big fan of quilting in the ditch (see glossery)

December 2007


 I completed this quilt in December 2007 just in time to make it a gift to my mom for Christmas. To date this is the only full size quilt that I've completed. I tend to stick to baby quilts as they are usually completed so much quicker and I'm big on instant gratification ;-)

The next few quilts are all in the same pattern as my first quilt and were made for friends who had babies.

2006 - Jaxon

2009 - William

2009 - Samual

2009 - Jaia

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